Workplace Culture

In this article, 6 Essential Aspects of Workplace Culture, David Sturt (an Executive Vice President at O.C. Tanner), shares 6 aspects of culture that people look for in a great place to work:

  • Purpose
  • Opportunity
  • Success
  • Appreciation
  • Well-Being
  • Leadership

These key areas were identified based on extensive research of over 10,000 companies, derived from an employee’s view point of culture.

  1. Purpose means connecting employees to your organization’s reason for being or the difference you make in the world.
  2. Opportunity means providing employees the ability to learn new skills, develop, and contribute.
  3. Success means giving employees the opportunity to innovate, do meaningful work, and be on winning teams.
  4. Appreciation means acknowledging and recognizing employees’ outstanding work and unique contributions.
  5. Well-being means paying attention to and constantly working to improve employees’ physical, social, emotional, and financial health.
  6. Leadership means connecting employees to purpose, empowering them to do great work, and creating a sense of camaraderie.

To read the entire article and learn some staggering improvements associated with companies that focus on the 6 cultural pillars above, click HERE

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