Work-Life Balance: How to Get It

With working professionals having technology accessible 24/7, fearing job loss, and ultimately working 50+ hours each week, it’s clear that stress is common.  But it can also be damaging.  

A work-life balance might mean something different to everyone, but it means everything to your health and happiness.  Here are some tips to help balance them:

1 – Detach yourself from your electronics!  Spend some quality time playing a board game with your kids at night. Sit down for half an hour with a book in your hand.  Turn your phone off.  Put your tablet away.  Get rid of the text and email distractions because most of the time they’re work related.  Just unplug for a short time each day!

2 – Exercise!  It’s important to make time in your calendar daily to pump feel-good endorphins through your body.  It helps to lift your mood and tackle your day without feeling sluggish.  Even if you just take a walk on your lunch break (without your cell phone) or go for a walk with your family at night (without your cell phone).  Just make time for some daily 30-minute movement (even Yoga counts). 

3 – Stop being an overachiever!  Life is complicated.  As adults, we have more responsibilities.  Often we strive to be perfectionists in out-of-reach situations.  Don’t push yourself so hard.  We are all human.  Work hard, but let your overachieving attitude go. Don’t demand so much of yourself.  It just creates more unwanted stress.  Goals are good. Perfectionism is not.

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