Will Your New Hire’s First Day Be Amazing?

When you bring on a new employee, it’s exciting for both the future employee and you. You’ve found the perfect person for the job, and you can’t wait to get him or her started. At work as in life, first impressions matter. Plan ahead to make the onboarding process a welcoming, memorable, and positive experience.

Onboarding Your New Employee Starts Before the First Day of Work

Contact your new hire before their first day with introductions and information. If you have multiple people who will be involved in their onboarding process, for example, a human resources person as well as a direct manager, send an email introducing everyone.

If you want the employee to fill out forms before their first day, be sure to provide a direct contact who can answer any questions that might arise.

Initiate an invitation to connect with your new hire on Linkedin. New employees want to announce to their connections they are starting a new position. You can post a welcoming reply to their announcement. 

Plan a Day One Agenda in Advance

Share the agenda with the new hire before the first day. Start with introductions to other employees and a tour of your workplace. Consider planning a catered lunch so the new hire can meet people informally. 

Your email should also include logistic details such as expected time of arrival, parking, where they should enter the building (if there are multiple entrances), who they should ask to see upon arrival at your workplace, appropriate business attire, where they can find food or coffee and any other details that will help them navigate their first day.  

Set Up the New Hire’s Workspace and Email Before Day One

Help your new hire hit the ground running by arranging a workspace and stocking it with everything they will need in the way of office/work supplies. Set up an email address on your business account, so the new hire can log in on the first day. You can make the day extra special by providing a small welcome gift such as a company-branded promotional item or a book that is meaningful to the business.

Explain Rules of  Your Workplace

Set aside time on day one to give your new hire an employee handbook and discuss workplace rules. 

Set Expectations

The first day is the best time for the new employee to sit down with his or her boss and review a plan for the coming days, weeks, and months. Clearly communicate responsibilities and goals and set daily touch bases for at least the first week, but possibly longer depending on the position, to check on how things are going.

Designate a Mentor

This gives them a go-to person in case they have questions, comments, or concerns. Make sure the mentor demonstrates leadership skills.

By planning your new hire’s first day as best you can, you’re setting the groundwork for successful outcomes, a good working relationship, and a good fit with your team.

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