When NICE isn’t always BETTER

Sometimes hearing the truth can be painful.  As a business coach, it’s important to speak the truth to help business owners improve. They don’t always want to hear it, but it’s what they need.  I can’t be selfish…worrying how they feel about me just so I can avoid confrontation.  I care about the other person, so I need to tell them like it is.

Working with business owner I often see how NICE they are to their team members.  If a team member is irresponsible, and the owner cares for that team member, and for the rest of the team, then clear rules should be set. The owner should confront those who fall short, and openly communicate with them to correct the behavior and create responsible team members.

If the owner avoids the problem, then he/she is sending a message to all team members that rules don’t matter and that performance and responsibility doesn’t factor into the business.  If this happens, then the owner is being selfish.  Better performing team members will leave, non-responsible team members will continue to fall short, and the business will fail.

Therefore, being NICE isn’t always BETTER.  Don’t be selfish when it comes to your business! Speak the truth!  Address problems as they arise!  Don’t be mean and rude, but don’t avoid confrontation just to be NICE.  Care enough about your business and your team members to tell them like it is!  They will thank you in the long run, and so will your business!

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YOUR CHALLENGE:  Try one unselfish act in your business!  What is the outcome?  Are you playing too nice?  Or do you care about your team members?

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