What is Your Value?

You must know your value AND be able to deliver it each and every day – without exception!

Many businesses will say their value proposition is ‘excellent customer service’ or a ‘quality product’ or a ‘personal touch’.  Others will reference their reputation or long history of excellent performance.  You might think of your value in terms of a FEELING, a feeling that a customer gets when they do business with you. That’s right, a FEELING!  Think about it.

When a customer uses your product or service, how does that make them feel?  Do they get a sense of confidence, security, hope?  Maybe when they visit you, they get a sense of calm or relaxation?  Do they feel refreshed?  What is it you want them to FEEL? This is not intended to be one of those ‘touchy feely’ activity.

If 80% of a buying decision is emotion and 20% is logic, than this can be a critical assessment of how you connect with your prospects and customers.  By understanding what you want your customers to FEEL you can better connect with what you are trying to achieve in your business.  Once you are able to get to the FEELING then you can begin to leverage that FEELING in your marketing and sales process. Not everyone has a national name brand like Apple or Kleenex that you can rely on to generate a feeling, where the name speaks for itself.

Most of us are in a business where it is not about the brand or the specific product that is the real reason that people buy from you. They are buying from you because of the FEELING they felt when they do business with you. What is the FEELING that keeps them coming back time and time again? What is the FEELING in your business that generates referrals and creates raving fans?

YOUR CHALLENGE:  Define your value in terms of a FEELING.  Spend some time this week as you engage with potential customers focusing the discussion on the FEELING that you want to create.

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