What is your Purpose?

Purpose is having clarity and mastery over the direction you are driving your life and your business. Are you clear on how you are delivering on your purpose? Do you know what you want?

It may be the same thing you wanted at the onset of your business, it may have evolved as you explored what could be possible.  When you have a compelling purpose it penetrates who you do business with, how you do business, and why others do business with you.

First, who you do business with? If your purpose involves providing peace of mind, managing risk, or helping others – get clarity on what types of individuals or businesses align to your purpose and are in your demographic.  Once you have clarity – be specific.

Second, how you do business?  Does your purpose lend itself to very personal relationships, does it focus on convenience for your customer, is it about simplicity? Whatever your purpose it should align to how you interact with your prospects and customers.

And finally, your purpose can serve as a magnet for why others do business with you.  When others are drawn to your approach, your philosophy, and your purpose, it penetrates your interactions – others want to be around you, human beings are naturally attracted to serving a great purpose.

YOUR CHALLENGE: reconnect with your purpose and make it a noticeable part of how you do business.

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