Wellness in the Workplace

Would you like to create a healthy culture at work?  Then it’s time to create a health and wellness program for your employees.  When incorporating the following ideas into an organized and structured wellness program, your employees’ health with improve and healthcare costs will go down.

  1.  Prepare a list of healthy dining options close to work.  This way your employees can plan a healthy lunch schedule and even walk to whichever dining option they choose.
  2.  Instead of having break rooms filled with bags of chips and cookies, have fresh fruits and vegetables delivered for employees to eat for free.  Or have a healthy food fund where each employee contributes a certain amount of money each month for healthy workplace snacks.
  3. Provide a bike rack so employees can bike to work.  Include some kind of incentive for those who bike to work more than others.  Have a contest to see who bikes the most to work, with a gift-card for the winner (to a healthy restaurant or for a gym membership).
  4. Challenge your employees to take the stairs (if applicable).  Encourage them to count their steps.  Maybe have a contest for the employee who walked the most steps in a month.  And again, give a tangible (healthy) gift to the winner.
  5. Negotiate corporate discounts for health club or gym memberships in the area.  Employees love discounts on products and services, and it encourages exercise.
  6. Start a smoke-free policy.  Go one step further by providing resources to help smokers quit.

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