Weasel Words

All of us have used them, all of us know them, all of us have hidden behind them at some point in our lives or used them in defense of an argument.  I’m talking about weasel words.  They are easy to recognize because they make everything else that you say less powerful.  They are words like IF, SHOULD, WHEN, HOWEVER, COULD.

You might recognize them better in a more natural state like….

IF we looked at the needs of our customer….

We SHOULD consider how we market to that segment…

WHEN we find the time we need to followup…

HOWEVER, it seems like we don’t have what we need…

We COULD look at what the customer has to say…

These words are like kryptonite…. they leave you powerless.

On the flip side there are words that you can use that will give you power.  Those words that illustrate ownership, accountability and responsibility.  Words like WILL and CAN.

Along with words that promote timing, words like TODAY, BY THE END OF THIS WEEK, BEFORE WE LEAVE HERE.  These words show a sense of urgency and a call to act quickly or within a specific timeframe.  They supply us with a certain focus on getting things done.  They are powerful.

YOUR CHALLENGE IS:  To remove the WEASEL WORDS from your vocabulary and feel the power!

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