Valley of Growth

We often think of life as a climb to the top of the proverbial mountain. The goal would be to reach the summit, to conquer the mountain, and to have completed the journey.

I encourage you to expand your thinking. Consider that there is no growth at the top of the mountain. Although the achievement is at the top, the growth that we experienced was on the journey to the top of the mountain – not at the summit.

Once we get to the top of the mountain, we must come off the mountain, travel to the next valley, and begin to climb the slope. It is while we are in the valley that we see the richest growth and we must rise from the deep grass to scale the next mountain. It is only by leaving the top of one mountain do we travel into the Valley of Growth and put our sights on life’s next peak.

As in life, business gives us the same opportunities. We cannot rest on the top of the peak expecting to grow. We must look for new challenges and be willing to come off the top of our game to be able to learn and become what we will need to accomplish the next summit in our business. If we see business as a series of peaks and valleys rather than one mountain, we will allow ourselves the opportunity to achieve even more.

YOUR CHALLENGE: Look at your last 6 months in business and determine if you are in a peak or a valley and plan your next move to best position yourself for the next summit in your sights.

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