Understand Personality Types to Connect with Customers

Tailoring your sales pitch to differing buying styles makes good business sense. You’re not selling to the same person each time, so why sell the same way to each person? 

An understanding of different personality traits is even more important in times of stress: pressure makes these traits more dominant than in normal times. Today I’d like to discuss how you can easily identify personality types.

DISC Profiling System

There are four basic types of people:  reserved or outgoing, and task focused or people focused. Not only should you identify your customer’s personality type, you need a clear sense of your own type, so you can adapt your style to your customer.

When you encounter people, the speed at which they speak will reveal if they are reserved or outgoing. And, if they talk about what needs to get done, they are focused on tasks. If they are more concerned with impact and social/emotional issues, they’re more people oriented.

D = dominance

Confidence is a key trait of this personality type. In times of stress, this personality wants bullet points and fewer details. When you sell to dominant types, get straight to the point. They will dive right in.

I = influencer

If your customer is outgoing and people focused, they connect easily with others. They are natural leaders and very collaborative. 

S = steady

Individuals with this personality type are thoughtful, loyal and slow to change. They don’t want to feel rushed into a decision.

C = compliance

Individuals who are reserved and task focused are very detail oriented and aim for perfection. They want a lot of information and ask a ton of questions before they make a change. 

People want to be understood and want to connect with you. If you can understand their personality, you can meet them where they live and avoid personality clashes.

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