To Be a Success, Plan for Success

The more specific you make your goal-setting and

the more clearly defined your time frame, the better it will be

— Bob Bowman, swim coach to Olympic medalist Michael Phelps

Success means very different things to different people. In fact, it probably has meant very different things to you at different times of your life.
That’s why it’s so important for you to know what success looks like to you now. If you haven’t define success, you won’t know when you achieve it. A clear vision of what success means to you allows you to develop a roadmap and stay on the path despite any unexpected obstacles and setbacks.
Create Your Roadmap to Success
As you think about what success looks like for you, Here are some thought starters to help you to explore what success means to you and how to develop a success-driven mindset:
  • Needs vs. wants: Distinguish between what is essential and what is a luxury so you have a realistic, achievable plan
  • Timelines: Hold yourself accountable to a timeline and use it to prioritize your resources and drive decision making
  • What is your WHY? Know your purpose and your passions so you can love what you are doing
  • Cultivate expertise: Continually expand your knowledge base through lifelong learning
  • Congratulate yourself: Celebrate big and little achievements to keep yourself inspired and motivated
  • Give thanks: Think about what you’re grateful for every day to strengthen your commitment
  • Overcome inner obstacles: Conquer fears that might hold you back
  • Own it: Define success on your terms and on your timeline
Respect the Process
One lesson we can learn about success from the careers of exceptional athletes like Michael Phelps is that getting to first place again and again takes more than talent. Winning the long game requires a combination of factors, including practice, motivation, coaching and determination in the face of obstacles.
To achieve your goals requires a similar mindset and commitment to following the path you set in your roadmap to success. Continual planning and fine-tuning gets you where you want to be.

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