Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

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  • If you are thinking of starting your own business, make sure the business is something you really enjoy doing.
  • Some people will start a business and think it is a get rich quick business but they really don’t enjoy what they are doing.  This usually leads to failure.
  • If you enjoy your business, your profits will come in time and your business will be a success.
  • Never be afraid to take a risk and always challenge yourself to do more and to be better.
  • If you believe in yourself and are ready to face all the fears this business may bring, then you are on the right track towards a positive future.
  • Keep in mind when hiring a team that character and value are two solid features for your team. You can always help with their skills as the business grows.

For more business tips, read this article by Will Smale, a business reporter for BBC News. Top business tips for 2016

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YOUR CHALLENGE:  Write down all your fears for your new business.  Are you ready to face them?  Do you believe in yourself?

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