Time Management Tips

Because Entrepreneurs are extremely busy, we need to learn the art of time management. It’s not something we are all born with, but we sure can learn it.  Here are some helpful tips that may make your life a little bit easier:

  • Make out a daily schedule with all the activities that need to be done.  This way you can make the most of every hour and be more efficient throughout the day.
  • The most difficult task should be done in the morning.  That is the time you are at your best performance.  Accomplish this early and then put it behind you.
  • Organization is very important. Keep thing organized as you do them.  Don’t put them off or pile them up. This way you can go back and look them up which will save you time.
  • You can’t do everything whether you’re at the office or at home.  So you need to delegate some of these tasks to others whom you know and trust will get them done.
  • Technology is here to stay so you need to take advantage of this.  Use your smartphone to download applications or to put reminders in your calendar.  All of this is at your fingertips and easy to use.
  • Preparing for the next day should be done at night. This way you are not scrambling around or forgetting something important.
  • There are times where you’ll be somewhere other than work, and you’ll need to kill some time. Having your laptop handy will allow you to download documents or check/respond to emails.
  • Keep from getting distracted by shutting your door and telling everyone to respect your time because you need to focus on your tasks at hand.
  • Sometimes your time is demanded by others or by meetings. Ask for an agenda for the meetings. If it is not suitable for your business then politely decline the offer. This way you are not wasting your time or theirs.
  • Always keep focused on the task you are doing or at a meeting you are attending. This way you will never miss important information or overlook any details.

Remember, just changing some of the ways you manage your time can increase productivity at work (and at home)!

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YOUR CHALLENGE:  Change just one of the above items each week for a month.  How much more productive are you at work?  Relay these tips to your co-workers for even more workplace productivity.

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