There’s More to Work than Just Work

A little fun at work goes a long way. It shows that you appreciate your employees not just for getting their jobs done but also as people. Fun activities also help foster a sense of community, improve the overall morale of the workplace, and can even prevent burnout. In fact, research has shown that playfulness can lead to better performance at work — especially when it comes to creativity. Engaging in play gets us away from problems for a bit so we can come up with creative solutions for them later on.

Having fun is not just about celebrating birthdays — but let’s not forget the cake. Here are some ways to give employees a reason to look forward to coming to work. 

Theme days and seasonal observances

It doesn’t take much creativity to come up with an excuse to decorate your workplace or put on some spirit wear with your business logo. Besides celebrating Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and the other usual suspects, you might throw a founder’s day party to mark the day you started your business or reward your employees for landing a new client or successfully completing a massive project by catering a lunch for everyone to enjoy together. 

Group activities

Games are great ways of promoting teamwork within your company because they encourage people to interact with one another in a non-stressful situation. Make it a friendly competition for a valuable prize or for a worthy cause to encourage participation. 

Inviting your people to lunch or an after-work get-together or hosting a family day are other ways to bring your people together and build rapport. The more your employees feel a sense of belonging, the less likely they are to look for other jobs.

Make it meaningful 

Take a moment to share some reflections with your team about how you value these moments of fun with them. Make connections between team activities and your overall culture and ambition for the business.

Lastly, be sure to be inclusive and engage personally with everyone at your events. These casual moments help you and your employees get to know each other better and build trust.

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