The Value of Gifting

“Your brand is a story unfolding across all touchpoints.” 
– Jonah Sachs, viral marketing pioneer
Over the past year, sales of branded promotional items fell by over 40 percent. There were no events where we could hand out totes or caps or pens, and many business cut back on unnecessary expenses like employee swag.
With the reopening of nearly all activities, it’s time to take a fresh look at using this proven business strategy.
Why You Should Swag
Swag delivers positive experiences that people remember and associate with your business. It’s not just the branded item or gift itself that makes an impact; the act of giving itself visibly demonstrates you value the relationship and creates a social/emotional connection.
Branded promotional items also carry messages about your business. You can inspire through a motivational quotation, instill a sense of pride and belonging, and many other positive outcomes.
How to Swag
There are various factors influencing your choice of branded promotional items. You probably have more than one audience and associated objective, so you may find one item alone won’t fit everyone. Whatever you choose to giveaway and gift, here are some basic guidelines.
Choose Quality
To get the most from your investment, select the best quality you can afford for your budget. A quality items conveys gratitude, thoughtfulness and kindness.
Think Outside the Box
A unique item delivers more impact than the usual suspects.
Packaging Matters
How you present the item is part of the experience.
Align With Your Values
Your item represents who you are.
Accommodate Everyone
One size doesn’t always fit all.
Think Long-Term
You want your promotional item to stick around, so that customers and employees can keep your business top of mind. A one-time-use item is only good for as long as it lasts.
I can help you tailor a marketing strategy that includes promotional items that fit your business objectives, culture and budget.

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