The Response You Get

Have you ever been frustrated when you can’t get someone to do what you want them to do?  You know what you want done, but somewhere it gets lost between your mouth and their ears.  Are you frustrated that you can’t get them to do what is expected of them.

Once you realize that “Communication is the Response that you get” – you can begin to make some changes that will dramatically increase your effectiveness as a communicator.

First, look at the message that you are delivering.

  • Plan your message – as simple as jotting down the goal of the conversation, outlining the points you want to make.  Include the what, the why, the when and the how.
  • Know your audience – different people will need more or less information to get the full meaning of the message.  The same message doesn’t work for everyone.
  • State your intent – Start with the purpose, for example, “John, I need this information sent to ABC Company.”
  • Check your tone and body language – the verbal message should match.
  • Avoid repeating yourself – condense your message, try not to repeat your message over and over.

Second, check for understanding.  Ask open ended questions to check for clarity and understanding.  For example, “What’s your next step based on our conversation?” or “Could you explain what you heard me say?”  Don’t fall into the trap of using “Do you understand?” – the answer is always ‘Yes’.

Bottom line, it does take time to deliver a high-quality message and it does pay off when you get the response you desire.

Remember – Communication is the response you get!

YOUR CHALLENGE THIS WEEK:   Slow down in your communication, look at the message, check for understanding and own the response you get!

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