The Power of Networking

If you share the entrepreneur spirit, you most likely succeed in networking. (2)

Networking is extremely important for entrepreneurs.  Communication is a productive approach to building strong relationships with others.  Networking helps professionals feel inspired and gets them motivated.  Exceptional opportunities can occur if you impress potential business partners.  Networking is powerful!

Organized events bring together highly-skilled and talented entrepreneurs who want to unite, share common interests, create and develop ideas, and meet potential clients/investors.  You are all looking for connections, inspiration, advice, and opportunities.

Remember, when attending a networking event, you need to be yourself.  Present your company the way you want other people to see it.  Approach networking as any other part of your business.  Create an action plan…with specific goals to accomplish during your networking time.  Since your time is very important, you don’t want to waste it.

Be ready to impress…be active and memorable.  Provide value to others.  Make them want to introduce themselves to you and stay in touch with you even after the event. Be remembered!

Follow-through with what you get out of the event.  Once you meet others and establish a relationship, make sure you get their business card.  Stay in touch and manage to continue communication outside of the event…this is the foundation for a strong relationship.

If you share the entrepreneur spirit, you’ll most likely succeed in networking.  Don’t just show up!  Don’t expect others to come to you!  Be present and use your uniqueness to build a strong network.  Your business will thank you!

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YOUR CHALLENGE:  Attend at least one local networking event each week for one month.  Does it make a difference in your business?

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