The Power of a Positive Attitude

“Now more than ever, your greatest weapon is your mindset.”

— Sara Blakely, Spanx founder

As the months of the new normal pass by, we’ve all had to deal with uncertainty on so many levels, work harder to stay connected, and rewrite our business playbook. It can be challenging at times to maintain a positive attitude, but taking control of your mindset is critical in business.

It’s such an easy thing to say just do it, but adopting a positive attitude actually gives you a better outlook — even when things aren’t going well. A study conducted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that just thinking about stress as a positive influence reduced its negative impact on people, and those who can take stress in stride are healthier.

One reason it’s important for you to maintain a positive outlook is that employees take signals from you: if you put a positive spin on things, they will, too. And, they will carry over that upbeat attitude to their interactions with customers.

And, speaking of customers, be sure they see signs of your optimism. If your customers are returning to your place a business after a period of lockdown, you can provide visual cues to let them know you’re happy to have them back and give them a sense of well-being and security on your site. If your business is conducted online, reinvigorate your messaging and visuals to convey your positive outlook.

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