The Morning After

You have made the effort to attend a networking event. You have made it a priority to be here. You will have the opportunity to meet 10, 20 or maybe 40 business owners. Some will be obvious connections, others you may have met before, some will peak your curiosity, and still others the connection will be less clear.

The value you get is not only about the next 60 or 90 minutes but it also about what you do “The Morning After.” With that in mind:

• Take notes: Jot down notes on the back of a business card, consider which people you are interested in connecting with, what they do, and how you might help them.

• Don’t make assumptions. Just because the connection is less obvious doesn’t mean you can’t help them and they can’t help you. Everyone has a neighbor or friend.

• Business cards. Don’t just collect the business cards – sort them, prioritize them and make a commitment to follow up with those you met today.

And last but not least, the morning after is about FOLLOW UP. You will meet some great connections – don’t let it end there. A relationship takes time to form and an investment needs to be made to make it worthwhile.

YOUR CHALLENGE: Find at least two people that you made a connection with and schedule coffee with them to find out more how you can help each other.

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