The Gift of Today

10You have been given an extraordinary gift…TODAY!
Mindfulness is the key that unlocks today’s value.

Start off today with gratitude!

You should fully appreciate the fact that you are alive today because this could be your last day on earth.  Today is the beginning of the rest of your earthly existence.  Make sure you pause to think about and appreciate that today is a gift of another day of your life.

Choose to use all of today!

Since today is a blank canvas, transform this day into something amazing!  You have been given the chance to create something wild and wonderful.  What will you choose to create?  What picture will you choose to paint on your blank canvas?  Fully participate and create something beautiful and joyful.  Celebrate your gift of today with color!

End your day by reflecting!

Reflect and savor your gift of today!  Share your reflection with someone close to you.  Celebrate your victories!  Relive your challenges!  And learn from your struggles!  Don’t underestimate the value of today.

You, my friend, have been given the gift of today!  Appreciate it.  Live it.  Savor it.

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YOUR CHALLENGE THIS WEEK:  Reflect on a moment from today, either personal or business related.  Will you celebrate, relive, or learn from that moment?

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