The Fear of Failure

When it comes to our businesses, many of us have been so afraid of failing at something that we decided not to try it at all.  That fear of failing can be immobilizing.  That same fear stops us from doing things that can move our business forward to achieve our goals.

If you view fear as a learning experience, the mistakes made will help you to make better decisions for your business.  There are many opportunities ahead and you’ll miss them if you let your failures stop you.

Failures also allow us to learn things about ourselves we never knew before, like how strong we are, or how determined we are, or how effective our motivation can lead to greater business success.  Valuable insights can come after a failure.  Accept and learn from them!

One trick to overcome the fear of failure is to set goals.  Goals help us define where we want our business to go.  If we tackle them with fear, we are most likely not going to take any chances.  So, don’t set big goals.  Set small goals.  Setting small goals can give you “tiny wins” to increase your confidence.  This confidence boost will help you set more goals, or bigger goals, without the huge fear of failure ahead.   And you’ll see a difference in yourself and your business.

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YOUR CHALLENGE:  Set 2 small goals each month for 6 months.  After 6 months, start setting larger goals.  Have some of your fears of failure subsided?

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