The Benefits of Giving Back

Supporting your community not only helps those in need; it also boosts your business. Here are some tips to make a strategic community giving work for your business.

Choose Causes that Align with Your Business

When deciding which causes, groups, or organizations to support, look for ones that align with your company’s values and mission. Supporting causes your customers also care about enhances your reputation and fosters relationships. When your community giving is authentic, customers take notice.

Look for Ongoing Partnerships 

While one-off donations or events have value and are important to charitable groups and causes, establishing ongoing partnerships lead to deeper community impact and engagement. Sustained support shows true commitment and identifies your business with a worthwhile cause.

Get Creative with Support

Financial donations are just one way to help. Get your employees involved by letting them volunteer on company time. Promote your charitable partner’s news and events through social media, email, events and sales promotions. Offer your products, services or expertise pro-bono to the organization. By giving your time and talent, you show community dedication beyond just writing a check. 

The Bottom Line

A culture of giving back inspires staff and makes your business more attractive to like-minded customers and future employees. It’s a win-win situation.

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