The Benefits of Engaged Employees

Employee engagement is more recognized in today’s workforce because management is finally realizing just how important it is to keep employees happy. But, there is still a low percentage of companies who actively engage employees.  Therefore, disengagement is costing the U.S. billions of dollars annually.

It’s important to know the benefits of having engaged employees, and how you can start engaging yours right away.

1 – Employee Satisfaction:  Unhappy employees drains time and money from a company.  When engaged, they feel satisfied within their position.  They have a greater connection to the company.  And their quality of work will improve.

2 – Lower Turnover Rates:  Since hiring and onboarding is expensive, investing time into engaging your employees will help retain top employees and lower turnover rates.

3 – Productivity Goes Up:  When employees are satisfied, they not only improve their quality of work, but they also work faster and harder.  They love what they do, they are engaged in the company, and they feel important.

4 – Loyal Employees:  Engaged, satisfied employees are more loyal to a company.  They become company ambassadors.  Understanding how employees feel about the company they work for also affects how customers feel about the company.  Happy employees, happy customers.

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