The Benefit of Team-Building Activities

A team that works together like a well-oiled machine is a valuable asset for any business. But cohesive teams don’t just happen. More often than not, businesses invest in team-building activities to inspire and motivate their people.

Team-building activities are planned, shared experiences designed to achieve specific organizational goals. Typical goals include:

  • Increase communication and collaboration across departments or business units
  • Instill and reinforce a sense of company culture and values
  • Focus on solving a specific challenge
  • Celebrate a success or significant milestone
  • Introduce a major change in business operations

If a company works in silos, team-building activities will serve as the foundation for better everyday working relationships, improved morale and increased productivity. Team-building activities are especially useful for businesses that want to inspire teamwork among remote workers and employees working different shifts.

When it comes to team building, one size does not fit all. Activities range anywhere from a one-hour workshop at the office to a local outing to an overnight retreat. Your goals and budget will help you determine what’s most appropriate for your needs. Here are just a few examples of popular activities:

  • “Shark Tank” idea competition
  • Escape room games
  • Company trivia or scavenger hunt games
  • Community service
  • Skill-learning experiences
  • Art, music or sports events

Whatever type of team-building activity you choose, these tips can help make the experience more effective and enjoyable:

  • Give the team-building event a catchy name to set it apart from the daily routine
  • Use an icebreaker to kick off the event on a fun note
  • Energize participants with snacks or meal breaks
  • Provide a customized event memento, like a t-shirt or coffee mug

Capturing key learnings is critical to ensuring your team-building activity delivers more than a fun break from everyday work. Plan a formal debrief session with your leadership team to discuss what worked, what didn’t and next steps.

An investment in your team is an investment in your company’s future.

YOUR CHALLENGE: Find an opportunity to plan a team building activity for your business.

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