Susan Swaringen

“As for so many others, COVID-19 and stay at home orders greatly scaled back my opportunities for networking, face to face meeting and socializing, which are often fertile ground for great ideas, collaboration, guidance and support. I was adrift, at the worst time when I was tasked with finding a solution for a crucial project with much at stake. Through smart marketing and networking techniques of her own, I connected with PJ and everything about my project changed from then on

PJ has amazing business savvy and is a great listener. Rather than offering pat solutions, she partners with you in the problem solving process. PJ’s so empathetic, it’s as if she’s invested in your risk and outcomes along with you. PJ quickly shifted me from “I need x, can you help?” to first helping me clarify my project objectives and milestones for success. From there, she helped me design an entirely different solution than I originally had in mind for this particular situation while passing along the skills to replicate this success repeatedly on my own.

PJ is a fisher(wo)man extraordinaire in her own right, but in my experience, she’s much more inclined to teach her clients to fish. It’s a great boost of confidence to know there’s a professional business resource with a track record of success I can turn to when needed.”

League of Women