Nancy Jones

“I was looking around for some inspiration and help with marketing when our sales dropped by 90% during the coronavirus.  Now, instead of relying on our wholesale & distributor customers, we had to rely on our website and Amazon store to help pay the rent.  I read about a webinar with PJ sponsored by the Greater Wheeling Chamber of Commerce in an email.  I jumped at the chance for help and PJ was extremely helpful.  She had some great ideas for pivoting sales and getting new markets.

I then joined her Mindset and Marketing Webinar series.  She and the other people in the group have been great. Very helpful in getting me focused and pointed in the right direction.  I’ve learned a lot and ventured into new territory with my online marketing skillset.  When this lockdown is over, I know that my company will be stronger & have a more diversified customer list than before. I highly recommend PJ for help with coaching and marketing strategies.”