Mike Schiestel

“We decided to make a major change in the structure of our company. As we attempted to map out how this was going to work many challenges faced us that were unexpected. Working in our industry for 27 years we have become very proficient at our job, but business structure and administration was not our strong suit. I met PJ from ActionCOACH at a Chamber of Commerce event and began working together soon after.

Having a coach is different than having a consultant. A consultant tells you what direction you should be going in and how to do it. A coach empowers YOU to determine what should be done and then gives you the tools to achieve those goals. To get the most out of “Coaching” you really need to make a commitment of time and hard work to achieve results, and it is not always fun, but the results are yours.

Over the past year, my business has grown in so many ways. We utilized a new and interesting way to hire members of our team. Words like mission, vision, culture, and conversion have become part of our common vocabulary. We truly understand causes and effects in many areas of our company. Testing and measuring new concepts and ideas is now the standard. Our sales process has been outlined, our messaging more consistent and new technologies have been added to our process. Moving forward, many challenges are still on the horizon, but with the relationship we have developed with PJ from ActionCOACH we are excited to meet those challenges with confidence.

If you want to really understand your business and not just your profession then working with a Coach is for you. When I talk to friends and other business owners and I hear things like “we just can’t catch up” or “I have an ad in the paper, but business is slow. The economy is just bad”. I am able to tell them about PJ. There are answers to those questions, but you have to want to know the answers to figure them out.”