Hi, I am David Telisman, founder of David Telisman Communications. I am friend and client of PJ’s. I am going to tell you things about PJ that you already know. But it is important to hear how she has changed my life. I was lost, floundering in the wilderness, but I had the awareness that I needed help to truly access my potential.

PJ has opened my mind in ways that I didn’t think were possible and that didn’t require that I experiment with LSD. On a busines level she’s a problem solver and opportunity creator.

My imposter syndrome has always gotten the best of me, but PJ Is so attuned to my self-imposing limitations and has inspired me to develop new pathways in my brain to believe that I can fulfill my entrepreneurial spirit.

In addition, and more importantly PJ has motivated to me to me more of a giver. And to connect more deeply with people in my community. What is absolutely gob smacking is her natural ability to make me feel like the most important person in her life while at the same time making all the people in her life feel the same way.

In the middle of this pandemic, which has been the scariest era of my life. PJ has not only ignited my hope and optimism, but that of an entire community. When we come out on the other side of this I will look back and know that what helped me persevere through this were my family and PJ. PJ has a way, she just has a way.