Charmaine Conaghan

“Hi my name is Charmaine Conaghan and I own and operate Always Best Care Senior Services located in Glenview, Illinois. We are a caregiving agency. We send people to help folks with activities of daily living wherever they are, whether they are in their own homes or in a facility.

To say nine years ago when I started my business that I have a lot to learn is a vast understatement. As it happens PJ Weiland started ActionCOACH shortly after I started Always Best Care and our coaching relationship started soon thereafter. It’s been several years since we began working together. PJ likes to say that she helps business owners with time, team and money. I’ve heard her say it many times and it is so true. I’m here to tell you that after nine years I run a thriving agency with over one hundred employees, in large part because PJ has guided me through all three of those aspects.

As far as time, she taught me how to manage my calendar, how to protect my time and how to use my time to the best benefit of my business and my personal life.

As far as team, I have a large team and she has really helped me through every aspect of having a team. Hiring them, knowing if and when to fire them, rewarding them, disciplining them, managing them, making sure that we have policies and that we follow those policies. Lots of aspects to helping me with my team.

Money. As far as understanding my numbers and learning how to read a profit and loss statement. To all of her marketing strategies. She has endless marketing strategies. She has helped me with money. She has helped me grow my revenue. She has taught me how to manage my revenue and leverage that to help us keep growing.

But really, all of those things boil down to one thing. As a business owner I had the luxury to really learn my industry and learn how to become an expert in senior care because I had someone to turn to when it came time to face a challenge. She helped me through the hiccups, the day to day, the details. She helped me understand how to turn a challenge or even a disaster into an opportunity.

She helped me become the best version of a business owner that I could be. Another thing that I could never under state is that she believed in me. She was in my corner. She advocated for me. She cheered me on. She cheerfully hounded me when she had to. She held me accountable and there was a lot of that. I really had a lot to learn about being disciplined and I still do, but I always knew that she was there for me.

If you’re a business owner and there’s a goal that you have, that you just can’t reach that goal, and you’re struggling, I am here to tell you pick up the phone and call PJ. Talk to her. Trust her. Develop a plan with her and you will get there. I am living proof. Thank you so much.