Team Building During the Holidays

The holidays are the perfect time to bring team-building activities to any company.  They help relieve stress and teach employees to work together more effectively.

Here are some fun team-building activities:

– Divide employees into teams.  Challenge the teams to raise money or items for charity. The idea is to get the team members to work together toward a goal.  Decide on a suitable prize for the winning team.

– Start a Secret Santa project.  Decide on a cost limit as a team.  Have each team member write down on a piece of paper their name, some gift ideas, and something about themselves that others might not know.  Pass out a name to each person.  Reveal the secret gifts at a company holiday party.

– Give employees an intellectual challenge.  Organize a scavenger hunt in the office.  Divide employees into small teams, and supply them with a set of clues for finding certain items.  After they’ve all been found, donate them to a local strategic partner or shelter.

– Have a decorating contest.  Encourage employees to decorate their offices in a departmental theme.  Each department will work together to come up with ideas.  Make it fun and encourage original ideas.  Have a potluck dinner to hand out prizes to the winning team(s).

Team building activities bring the workplace closer and promotes healthy company culture.  The holidays are a great time of year to provide these opportunities to your staff.

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