Talent Management and Collaboration in the Workplace

If your team effectively utilizes everyone’s talents and ideas, then they can be very productive when it comes to team projects.  Good leadership is important to ensure your team reaches their goals without (or with very little) conflict.

Apply the following 6 principles so you can recognize and understand each member of your team and to utilize their talents for positive and effective project outcomes:

  1. Know your team members – get to know each individual so you can learn their passion and their talents.
  2. Maintain communication – team members are more likely to engage in their work if they receive regular communication from their leader.
  3. Set performance goals – employees are more motivated when they have specific goals to reach.
  4. Delegate tasks more effectively – since you took the time to get to know your team members, utilize their strengths when delegating for projects.
  5. Make them accountable – provide weekly check-ins to keep team members on task.
  6. Provide positive feedback – people respond positively when they are acknowledged for their efforts.

Leadership is about recognizing various personalities within a team and using those strengths to facilitate the best outcomes!

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