Taking a Second Look

We are creatures of habit. We get to the office on autopilot, unable to recall the details of the trip. We rattle off a complicated drink order at the local coffee house, without batting an eye. We go through the motions as we walk across the threshold of our office, and start our work day. Routines offer us consistency and ritual that can serve us well when our minds are occupied with pressing issues, new ideas or getting something accomplished.

The flip side to routine is that we can overlook seeing what is right in front of us. From time to time it is appropriate to step out of your routine and take a second look.

One way to break out of your routine and re-energize is to review your contacts – your collection of business cards, your rolodex, your outlook address book, whatever form you have accumulated the tens, hundreds, thousands of people you have encountered over the years.

There are hidden gems tucked away in the stack of rubber banded business cards – there are those that at the time didn’t get a second glance, but now strike a chord, merit a second visit, a reconnection. The needs you have in your business today have evolved and by revisiting your contacts you are opening up to the possibility that you have already met your next client, your next strategic partner and it was just a matter of timing.

YOUR CHALLENGE THIS WEEK: Review some of your old contacts and make a short list of those that you want to reconnect with and start reaching out to them.

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