Take Control Of Your Notes For Next-Level Productivity

With the multitude of devices we use daily, not to mention long-held habits of writing things down on paper, notes can easily become scattered and disorganized. Good note-taking practices are even more important when you want to share your notes with your team. Over time, a personal note-taking system that simplifies your process and makes your notes more useful will elevate your productivity.

Write notes that will be meaningful in the future

  • Give every note a title so you know what the note is about
  • Date the note in the year-month-day format
  • If relevant, note importance level
  • Use bullet points rather than full sentences
  • For multiple topics on a single note, break each topic into separate sections with subheads
  • Make a list of next steps with due dates at the end of the note

Leveraging digital apps

Leveraging digital note apps allows you to take notes on whichever device is most convenient at the time, while syncing everything to a central platform accessible across all devices. Popular options like Evernote, OneNote, and Google Keep make it seamless to type, dictate, clip web content, and snap photos of handwritten notes, no matter which device you’re using at the moment. 

These apps have various functions to streamline your work process. You can add a due date and reminders to a note, and you may be able to integrate your notes with your calendar. They also offer multiple options to share your notes with others through emails and texts, so you can take the note and share it all from one place. The more you can integrate a note with other parts of your workflow, the more useful the note will be.

Choose one app that works for you and stick with it. Using multiple note platforms will result in creating more work and inefficiency because you’ll have to search two places to find pat notes.

Take advantage of note templates

Most digital apps will allow you to create a template so you have a ready framework whenever you start a new note. Consider which categories you always need, such as title, date, time, and next steps, and use them in a template. These labels will serve as prompts to ensure your notes are in a consistent format and you have included all relevant information.

Avoid note chaos

While digital apps make it easy to capture information, it’s still up to you to create a system to organize your notes into folders and, if desired, add tags to increase your ability to find specific notes later. 

Scheduling time regularly to maintain your note system will help you keep the system organized. Weed out notes that are no longer relevant, if you don’t need the documentation. If you have notes on paper that you’ll need over time, transfer them to your digital app. 

A new habit for a new year

If you take notes on a regular basis, taking your process to the next level of organization by using a digital note platform will not only make a difference in your overall productivity, but you will feel confident that you’ll never overlook an important item.

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