Take Action

Dream – Goal – Plan – Action. These are the four steps to putting it all together:

Dream. Do you have big dreams? Do you have a bucket list? Be sure to write your dreams down, don’t worry about how or when you will achieve them, at this point your dreaming – it doesn’t matter.

Goals. Next step, set some goals. Think of your goals as just dreams with a deadline. You want to put a time frame – could be five years, three years, one year – doesn’t matter.

Plan. Now start looking at creating a plan. You have goals, you have a timeline – it’s now about breaking it down even further into 30-60-90 days.

Action. Take your plan and put down the actual activities that need to happen week by week to execute your plan. Then take it down to the day, what do you need to do each day to move forward.

It’s as simple as that. Dream – Goal – Plan – Action. Link your dreams to your actions and each day will have even more significance.

YOUR CHALLENGE THIS WEEK: Start with your dreams, write them down, know what you ultimately are aiming for!

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As a Business Coach from Chicago North Shore, I understand that time is your most valuable asset. Now, I can help you recreate your dreams and vision…and accomplish the goals you first set out to achieve with your business. Ultimately, you will experience a better quality of life because of your commitment to invest in yourself with the help of a Business Prophet Coach and personal mentor.