Strategies for New Entrepreneurs

It’s easy for new entrepreneurs to become overwhelmed when running a business.  Staying focused on your goals is essential. And even if you have a concrete plan in place, you should still consider doing these few things to ensure success.  

1 – Do research and KNOW who your competitors are.  Use their weaknesses to your advantage.  Your business will stand out more if you have a better direction.

2 – Make sure you have a few months of operating expenses in the bank.  There are always rough patches that arise and if you’re thrifty enough with your money, those hard times won’t pull you (or your business) under.  Be prepared.

3 – Find a niche. Don’t try and expand to large markets right from the start.  Niche marketing is often cheaper and will lead you to more targeted customers.  Create your business around your niche, including your company slogan.  

4 – Listen to your customers.  Actively listen to what they have to say.  Take their considerations and change your marketing plan if needed.  Respond to new trends and even request new ideas.  

5 – Your new business is always going to change.  Be prepared to accept the changes and adapt to them accordingly. And be flexible.  Know that where you start now is not where you’ll end up.


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