Steps for Generating Ideas

Everyone can participate in idea generation.  In fact, it should be a team effort.  Every team member plays an important role, no matter how they’re wired.  We all must set aside some time for idea development.  Bringing old elements into new ideas depends on the ability to see relationships.  Every idea produced follows a certain technique.  Here are 5 steps in this technique:

1 – Gather materials.  Get all your facts together.  Classify and organize all information as it’s being gathered.  Pretend you’re putting together a puzzle.

2 – Blend all the information together.  See how they might fit into the puzzle you’re trying to build.

3 – Forget about your ideas for awhile and try activities that stimulate your mind.  Go outside of your normal routine.

4 – Here is where you’ll naturally come up with an “I’ve got it” moment.  Write it down or memorize it.

5 – Share your idea with your team members.  They can offer a different perspective, and together you call all generate something better.

These 5 steps allow businesses to produce relevant and dramatic new ideas.  Remember, it’s a team effort, so having a good company culture and a highly engaged team is essential in generating new ideas.

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