Spring Cleanup Tips for Your Office

This is the time of year many people refresh their homes inside and out, but why not plan to thoroughly clean and organize your workspace as well? This will not only help you stay on top of the clutter that accumulates with time, but it will motivate you and your team to be more efficient and productive and will help everyone feel more inspired about their work.

Get rid of desktop clutter – Unsorted or unfiled paper documents, brochures you didn’t want to throw away but you don’t need either. Create a sorting system to help you decide what to read now, file now, or throw away now.

Organize physical and digital files – Depending on your current system, this may be a big job. If you are starting over, first spend some time outlining your system on paper, then determine what steps are necessary to get the job done and who will do the tasks. Set weekly goals if it’s a big project.

Update important records – Update your important information folder. Check that account information and account representative information for banks and other financial services are still up to date.

Deep clean carpet and window treatment – If your workspace has carpet and window treatments, they’ve been gathering dust and dirt all year. Plan to have them professionally cleaned.

Update social Media profiles – If you’ve created social media profiles for your business, take a look at the images and “About” information and see if they are up to date. If you’re using a headshot from more than 3 years ago, or you’ve got a non-professional photo as your headshot, schedule a headshot session with a local photographer. A fresh profile image keeps 

Clean shared office food prep appliances or kitchen – Does your workspace have a coffeemaker, microwave oven, refrigerator, or other food prep appliances.? Beyond weekly wipe-downs, give them a thorough cleaning.

Safety check – Check expiration dates for smoke and carbon detectors — they don’t last forever. 

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