Small Talk: Event Tips

Whether we are selling to a customer, networking with colleagues, or meeting with a new prospect, you will be engaged in small talk, building a rapport with casual conversation.

Want to master some of these “small talk” skills?  Of course you do.  Here are some tips to guide you through this informal conversation.

1 – Most people can talk very easier about a subject they know more about than a subject they know little about.  But if you ask open-ended questions, the person you’re speaking to may open up and join in the conversation.

2 – Want to prove to the other person that you’re really listening to them?  Remember details of your conversation to bring up later.  Actively listen so they know you are engaged.  You will build stronger connections if you pay attention.

3 – Leave your phone in your pocket or in your car.  Don’t pull it out during conversation.  It’s a huge turn off to others and will send a clear message that you’re not interested.

4 – Go into events and social gatherings with some enthusiasm. Having the right attitude shows you are passionate about what you do.  View these “small talk” occasions as opportunities. You really just never know who you might meet along the way.  

And make sure you always have a planned exit.  Here’s a great potential exit line:

“This has been great.  So glad we got the chance to meet.  I would love to stay in touch. Do you have a card?”

Most of all…have fun, learn something, meet new people. Feel purposeful.  


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