Simple Organizational Tips for Your Workspace

Let’s face it.  We all lose things.  But when we’re disorganized, especially at work, it doesn’t look good.  Let’s appear to have it all together, instead of looking like a scatter brain.  Here are some organization tips to help you get through the average work day.

1 – Put items (papers/projects) into three different categories:  Toss It, File It, Do It

Whether you keep individual boxes in your office, have separate drawers for these things, or just keep them in neat piles on your desk, make sure you organize them.  Everything must go in one of these three categories.

2 – Clear off your desk.

You want to see your desk.  You don’t want to move something every time you need to work on a project.  Remember, as you go through papers, add them to one of the three categories we just discussed.  Keep pens, pencils, and scissors in a nice looking container/organizer on your desk (or in a drawer).  Keep writing pads handy for notes, but out of the way (again, in a drawer).  Clutter just disorganizes the mind and makes people anxious.  Keep it neat and tidy!

3 – Think Technology.

Technology can be your friend, if you’re willing to let it.  Apps on your phone or on your computer/laptop will allow you to get rid of paper piles, note pads, calendars, calculators, etc.  All those items can be accessed digitally instead of cluttering up your desk space.

An organized space helps keep an organized mind, which leads to greater efficiency and productivity.

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