Signs of Disengaged Employees

If you have disengaged employees, your business will suffer.  Productivity slows, communication does not flow, and projects come to a halt.  Employees may become disengaged for many reasons, some personal, some professional. That’s why it’s necessary to know the signs of a disengaged employee.

  1. Communication Issues.  If you have employees who don’t participate in meetings, or have decreased productivity due to poor communication with team members, they could be disengaged.
  2. Missing or Silent.  If you have employees who never answer their phone calls or emails, who miss meetings, or are absent from work a lot, they could be disengaged.
  3. Bad work quality.  If you have employees who have a decline in work quality, show up late to team meetings, or are missing deadlines, they may be disengaged.
  4. Burnout.  If you have employees who are tired and inefficient, they may be suffering from work overload (or burnout), causing them to be disengaged.
  5. Impolite and rude.  If you have employees who don’t go that extra mile, who lash out at coworkers or customers, or speak rude to others, they may be disengaged.

It’s important to have consistent communication with your employees, touching base often to make sure they are happy.  Making sure they’re expectations and needs are being met is extremely important for their health, and the health of your business.

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