Serving a Greater Purpose

It doesn’t matter whether you attend a church, synagogue, or mosque – or exercise your faith in your own way. I have found that the majority of business owners that I speak with have a purpose that is greater than themselves.

When speaking with business owners about why they went into their line of business or what they love about their work, most of the time it comes back to the opportunity to provide a product or service to those that will benefit from doing business with them. It is less about the actual product or service and more about serving the true needs of the customers.

I will hear things like ‘giving peace of mind’, or ‘helping manage their risk and reduce possible exposure.’ Sometimes it is about providing employment opportunities in a community to those that would otherwise have to look elsewhere. Other times, it is about ‘providing an experience for their customers to connect’ with others in their community.

In the book, The Legend of the Monk and the Merchant by Dave Ramsey, he reminds us that we do not have to choose between making good money or serving a greater power, we can have a successful business that does both and can do both extremely well. It is a refreshing reminder that we need to use our talents to the best of our ability and anything that stops us short from doing all that we can needs to be understood and overcome.

At a time when there are too many examples of greed and corruption in business, it is important to remember that we have a choice on how we show up in the marketplace and the integrity that we bring to our prospects, to our clients, and to our partners.

YOUR CHALLENGE: Reflect on the purpose behind your business and make sure that the purpose is evident in how you show up in the marketplace and how you engage with your prospects and customers.

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