Team Building and Alignment

Team Building and Alignment is a customized program designed to align, enroll and empower each individual as well as the entire organization. It includes a full suite of learning, training, team building exercises, planning, goal setting to gain clarity and synergy on the future of your business with all the key members of your team.

We will develop and align with the vision, mission and culture of the organization. We will work as a team to improve your effectiveness, communication, behaviors, and ability to influence others to increase productivity and results

Where is your team's focus?

As a business owner, you rely on your team to help your business thrive. However, the right team members rarely just show up on your doorstep. Too many times business owners and managers alike hire someone they think is a great fit for their company, only to realize later on that he or she isn’t the best option after all. But what if you could ensure they were the right fit before you hired them? Well, you can!

At Business Prophet, we understand how important creating the right team of focused and aligned employees is to the overall success of your business.  With Business Prophet team building systems, you can improve the success of your hiring practices and increase business productivity as a whole.

Team Building and Alignment at Business Prophet

Business Prophet Team Building and Alignment Programs

Your Business Prophet coach guides you through the assessment process so you can build the right team of employees the first time. We believe that all businesses revolve around people and process. Good people need good processes in order to get the most out of your business.

We strongly believe that a combination of continuous learning, planning, and individual accountability coaching is the best way to develop and hone the management skills of junior partners.

When you choose a management training program with us, the process will start with a one-on-one meeting with the junior partner and his or her direct superior. This meeting will help to identify the goals of the coaching program.

From here, all participants will have a detailed assessment of their differing personality styles, motivational drives, sales ability, managing ability, core strengths and more. The findings will be used to create an individualized program for your specific strengths and areas of improvement. After, direct goals and the steps to take to reach these goals are discussed and implemented. Face-to-face rapport is the completed weekly or twice monthly to evaluate progress.