Strategic Planning

All businesses need a strategic plan, but the perception that strategic planning is so complicated and time-intensive keeps many business owners from ever developing their plan.  Business Prophet offers a simple, painless process to creating a winning roadmap for your business, so you and your team can focus on execution. Our six-hour program involves you and key stakeholders in your organization to:

Align Your Leadership Team

Focused discussion and focused decision-making leads to focused outcomes

If you have an executive leadership team, offsite quarterly planning is essential to the health and growth of your company.  In fact, there is nothing more powerful to align your leadership, motivate talent, and fully leverage resources across the organization than a structured offsite retreat.

The goal of one- and two-day strategic planning retreats is to clarify the long-term direction, create a quarter-by-quarter roadmap as a team, and inspire commitment to making the plan a reality.  Meeting away from day-to-day responsibilities provides the leadership team with the valuable “think tank” time, without distractions, to address key decisions that will position the business for growth.

Business Prophet will work with you to plan and implement a strategic planning leadership retreat that meets your requirements and goals.

Your Business Prophet Coach is certified in strategic planning methodology and in guiding your team through the process to develop a clear and effective 90 day plan.  Once your leadership team is aligned and focusing on achieving the same goals you will see significant gains in growth and success.

Focused Discussion and Focused Decisions…
Leads to Focused Outcomes