30 Day Author Challenge

A Book in 30 Days

"Dinking Through Life" by PJ Weiland

The book for the 30 Day Author Challenge comes from my own experience on the court, and in the world. And from my own observation on how Pickleball seems in many ways to mirror life, this book is intended to be fun. It is intended to be entertaining for those Pickleball enthusiasts pickle ball is life.

I am a relative newcomer to the game, but the addiction is real. I have found the pickleball Community to be 

My purpose in writing this book is to challenge myself and other Pickleball players to share the parallels that exist in our lives between how we play games and how we do life.

I couldn’t have written this book without the help of my Pickleball Community locally. They are the inspiration and the encouragement for this project.

My hope is that the reader enjoys, laughs, and learns.

Although my journey has been short, it is nothing short of lessons.

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