1-2-1 Business Coaching

Our most accelerated business coaching program is our 1-2-1 program for businesses looking to grow $Millions and for the owner to have the business work without them! This program is focused solely on your business with you and your leadership team. 

Our 1-2-1 Coaching Approach

Focused Solely on You and Your Business

Success starts with a combination of self-management, discipline, and effective strategies. It’s all about envisioning your goals and aligning your objectives to place your business ahead of others.  Business Prophet’s 1-2-1 Business Coaching program will be your guide towards success.


Realizing Your Vision

Every enterprise starts with a vision that drives development. Our certified business coach will help your company reach peak performance, deliver better service, maximize profits, and exceed the competition.

Tackling Business Challenges

The most common business challenges are in the areas of time, team and money. Using proven frameworks to keep the business in balance and alignment, Business Prophet coaching strengthens leadership, reduces over-reliance on key leaders, and clarifies priorities.

Tools for Success

Business Prophet will provide the best solutions for your business. From the latest tools to aid decision making to foundational tools for organizational and leadership development, your coach will give you the resources to build a strong base for your growing business.

Strategies for Growth

When it comes to developing strategies, Business Prophet will help your business take concrete steps towards your goals. We offer proven strategies to get your whole team involved while promoting good leadership and well-informed decisions.

Business Coaching - Moving Your Business Forward

Get massive results though customized, private coaching sessions and rapidly scale your business and profits. The power behind this ongoing program is in breaking down your big picture goals into manageable chunks that are easy to implement. Our coaches will work with you to map out the strategy and develop winning habits and skills to consistently grow your business.

Our coaching programs are for those who are looking to scale up your business and are committed to putting in the work.

You know your business is capable of more than it’s achieving now…

At Business Prophet, our expertise is in helping good businesses get better. Growing a business is exciting and fun, yet there are growing pains.  Growth tends to send the business out of balance, creating a “speed wobble” effect that feels unstable (“this could be amazing, if it doesn’t kill me first”), and that can put a massive strain on the organization and its leadership.