Sales with Compassion

“The two main pillars of great salesmanship are being competitive and compassionate.” – Steli Efti

Salespeople face more uncertainty now than ever before. With this new environment, being compassionate is critical. If you’re a closer, you may have to dial it back. That means focus more on the relationship, and bring an empathetic mindset to the table.

How you approach customers is critical. If you believe you’re bothering people by calling them about your product or service, or you feel what you’re offering is non-essential in these times, then your approach will be tentative and it will set you back. When you understand how you fit in the marketplace, then you can have conversations that resonate with your customers and where they are at this time.

And you want those to be conversations. Work the phone. It’s the number one way you should be reaching out to people today. You can set it up with an email, but don’t send emails. The more phone time the better.

You need to get your mindset about the top reasons to buy your product now and that may have totally changed since the last time you talked with your customer.  Find out what’s the emotion, what’s the need. How can you provide a product or service that makes sense to your customer now.

Feel strong about yourself. You are there to help and deliver a valuable service. This is not the same message you delivered before the pandemic. Show you understand.

Here are three things you need to do to get into the right mindset:

  • Review your prospect before the call. Go deeper. Know them better than you did before. Understand their world
  • Stay in motion. Use blocks of time and commit to three blocks a day of one hour each for your calls. In between calls, do your documentation and manage your pipeline.
  • Talk through sales calls. Get feedback, adjust. Evaluate how the calls worked out. Ask if you need to pivot.

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