Rules for Effective Employee Communication

Build Relationships

Teach your employees ways to accommodate others.  Model respect and use techniques they can learn from.  Show them how to change their behavior and communication preferences. And teach them how to resolve issues when conflicts arise.

Supply the Right Tools

Encourage communication by giving your employees the right tools.  Set up an instant messaging platform to help them get started.  And keep them motivated with written recognition or tangible rewards.  Have your employees commend each other on a job well done.

Provide Collaboration

Assign tasks that require teamwork, which gives your employees the opportunity to show off their skills to one another.  It also gives them the ability to work with peers, to learn from each other and understand another’s point of view.  

Give Feedback

Have your employees give feedback to each other, in a positive, constructive way.  Be their role model. Be willing to help and always make them feel competent, encourage them to try again, and never tear them down.  Focus on abilities, not flaws.

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