Responsible and Accountable

Do you know what responsible and accountable mean?  Your ability to be responsible, and accountable, is a direct result of the tasks you are assigned (and your work ethic) when you take ownership of those tasks.

Often, your manager will give you a list of tasks, or responsibilities, to perform. Whether or not you are accountable depends on your character and how you manage those responsibilities.  If you don’t complete the tasks, then you take the hit.  If you blame someone else for your inability to complete the tasks, then you are refusing to be accountable for your failure(s).

Do you take personal pride in your work?  Or do you slap together projects just to get your paycheck?  Do you have the work ethic and character to put together quality projects?  Or do you only do what is required of you and no more?

If you take pride in your work and have a solid work ethic, you demonstrate a willingness to not only get the job done, but you also accept responsibility for the results (good or bad). When you have character and are accountable, you realize that the quality of work you do is also a representation of yourself.

If you have a team of individuals working on a project, follow up with them to ensure the projects are completed in a timely manner.  Demonstrate accountability by making it a point to connect with your team members so things don’t fall through the cracks.  If everyone on the team did this, imagine the quality of work that could be produced.

Taking ownership of your work and choosing to exhibit accountability is making a personal choice to rise above.  You can always be given responsibility, but being accountable is what really matters.


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