Put a Little Lagniappe in Your Marketing Strategy

In honor of Mardi Gras taking place next Tuesday, let’s borrow a marketing lesson based on an old New Orleans tradition. Lagniappe (pronounced lan-yap) is a Cajun-French word meaning gift. In New Orleans, when businesses give their customers a little something extra, they call it a lagniappe.

The concept of lagniappe can be applied to a broad range of business types. A restaurant can surprise diners with an extra side dish or dessert. A hair salon can give away product samples. Car dealers can provide service customers with complimentary beverages and snacks in the waiting area as a lagniappe. The hotel or rental car agency that gives you a free upgrade is giving you a lagniappe. I myself give a lagniappe when I offer new clients a free consulting session.

Lagniappes make customers feel special, valued, and appreciated. The act of giving a gift also helps build relationships and drives repeat business. That’s because a gift creates a powerful sense of connection between the business owner and customer that stands apart from the dollar and cents of a transaction.

Think about lagniappes more as a business strategy than a specific object. A lagniappe isn’t a promotional item with your logo stamped on it that you hand out to all customers. Rather, it’s an opportunity to create a customized interaction with a customer by giving something extra. A lagniappe also can help you smooth out a rough spot in a customer relationship. If you were forced to keep a customer waiting longer than expected — consider making it up to them with a lagniappe.

A lagniappe doesn’t have to be a physical object — it can be an experience. It also doesn’t have to cost a lot, but it does have to be desirable. Lagniappes won’t exert their magical powers to connect you with customers if the gift lacks appeal.

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