Progress Report

We set goals and plans at the beginning of the year, but don’t forget to take an objective look each quarter on your progress.  This is the perfect time to review the progress you have made toward your year-end goals

First, review what actions you were committed to take by this point in the year.

Ask yourself for these actions and each action on your to-do list: “Did I get this accomplished?” That means completely accomplished, not partially.

If you completed the action, then ask: “Did it produce the intended results and move me closer to the goal?”

If the action did not have the intended results, evaluate what happened and what would have worked better. Add new items to your to-do list for completion by the end of the quarter.

If you did not complete the action, ask: “What got in my way?” Evaluate how you can prevent that from happening again.

After going through all the action items, the next step is to look at your goals. This allows you to measure progress and see if you need to make any course corrections.

For each goal, ask: “Am I on track to accomplish it?”

If you are not on track to accomplish a particular goal, ask: “Why am I off track?” There are usually clear reasons for being off track.

The next question to ask is: “What actions can I take to get back on track?” When you know why you went off track, you can usually find what you can do to get back on track. Add any new action items to your calendar.

A regular progress report can be invaluable, the longer you wait, the harder the corrections will become. It is better to identify any gaps and make corrections with enough time to meet the end of year goals you set.

YOUR CHALLENGE:  Do your midyear review and make your course corrections to stay on track.

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